We Design was established in 1989 by Anil Singh, the principal behind the design firm which prides its portfolio in hospitality, institutional and residential projects. Anil Singh received his Architectural degree from the School of Planning and Architecture and subsequently served as visiting faculty at the same Institute.

We Design's mission is to offer clients highly customized and detail driven design solutions. We cater to service intensive industries and are focused at meticulously solving their complex requirements aesthetically and in a timely manner. We take our responsibility of delivering quality to clients seriously. This philosophy is reflected in our overall mission.

The We Design team is driven and is passionate about one goal: excellence in design and architecture. We work daily for continuous improvement in our professional capacity and ability to deliver on this goal.

Our Design Approach for successful projects has been through our focus on the analytical process, taking into consideration the human environment, the contextual setting and the Owners specific requirements all balanced within the cost parameters and time constraints.

As Resources, we have the tools and techniques needed to properly design and document a project to clearly illustrate and communicate the proposed building to the client and contractors. Our past experience provides a vast database for design and construction alternatives. This information is shared with the client in assessing and developing appropriate solutions.

Schematic, Presentation and Construction drawings are produced throughout the development of the project, to graphically convey the design and construction. In-house computers and systems are used extensively for efficient service, proper co-ordination, ease of change and future database for the clients use.